Ashley & Salvatore / Brigalias Wedding

Ashley & Sal | Brigalias
Sicklerville, NJ

”Wise men say, only fools rush in…” and two people in love just say “when you know, you know”! Ashley and Sal fell fast and fell hard for one another. Watching the two of them together is purely infectious. The love and happiness exudes from them and you cannot help but fall in love with their connection as well. Their story began with a chance meeting and was sealed by marriage all within a year. They celebrated at the lovely Brigalias wedding venue where their vision for a perfect day came to life.

Ashley was a bride of classic elegance. Her gown and jewelry transformed her into a princess decorated with the most unique bouquet I have seen yet for the fact that it was 100% wood – wooden blooms with perfect color and shape. Sal is a music teacher and used his skills on the piano to center him and calm him before seeing Ashley for their first look.

On the beautifully landscaped grounds of Brigalias, in front of the romantic weeping willow tree Ashley and Sal stood back-to-back to read words of admiration and love written for one another. Sal looked at me and asked “Can I see her NOW?”. With a turn, their eyes met and souls were rejoined. They were going to become husband and wife in a few moments – and along with their daughter start a new, beautiful life together!

The chapel at Brigalias is always an exciting part of the weddings held at this venue. Like Ashley’s wedding style it is classic and elegant. For their friends and family members, watching Ashley walk with her parents down the aisle was a regal moment, one to remember. The two exchanged eternal promises and walked forward together as the new Mr and Mrs!

Life hands us challenges and tests our strength. Both Ashley and Sal have personal journeys and experiences that could have easily stalled them from focusing on their honest happiness found within one another but they did not let it. They put their faith in what they felt and knew in their hearts. For that, they can now stand together to face any unforeseen plan life may bring. Everyone in attendance felt how strong their pull to one another is, the sparkle is in her eyes ( and cute dimples) and the love is in the way he cares for her. It is what the fairytales are made of!

Their late Summer wedding day was absolutely perfect for them and the celebration in the Camelot Ballroom lasted all night! I think Ashley and Sal learned a few new things about each other during the reception’s “shoe” game. If you’re not familiar with this, it is when the bride and groom are seated in opposite directions and swap shoes. They are asked a series of “newlywed game” type questions and hold up the other person’s shoe as their answer. The guests get to laugh and see when the couple is in agreement or when they have different takes on each senecio as in “who said I love you first”, or “who leaves the kitchen a mess?”. It is all in good fun and in the end, made for a few hilarious photos.

I cherish the connections I make with my couples, and I am thrilled that I get to follow this romance through staying in touch often with Ashley. We share a love for Zumba and our friend/zumba instructor brought us together and I am very thankful.

Enjoy viewing this magical day in Ashley and Salvatore’s love story!

Entertainment – DJ Bishop via DJ Gaetano
Video – Vinnie Allen
Dresses – David’s Bridal
Men’s Tuxes – Men’s Warehouse
Hair – Last Tangle Salon
Make up – Sannon DeVol
Wooden Flowers – Cascade Queen