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I am Jenna, a full-time Wedding and Boudoir Photographer located in Southern New Jersey. I have always felt strongly about making a difference and helping others. I have found in photography, a rewarding career that allows me to do just that. Boudoir is a branch of photography that I am very passionate about. It allows me to help women connect with their own beauty, strength and confidence. Hearing how my client's self image has altered for the better after their session fills my heart with happiness. I am now on a mission to do this for as many women as possible!

"When women support each other, incredible things happen"

I have been a professional photographer since 2013. Before photography, I was an Interior Designer. I am also fortunate enough to have two other special titles: a mother and a wife. I enjoy reading, being on the beach, all things farmhouse & vintage, chocolate and florals. I love new adventures and experiencing different cultures!
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You are...

Celebrate your own unique beauty. Take a look around! On this page, learn about Boudoir, Collection options and find resources.

Your Boudoir Experience




We can meet in person, speak over the phone or by video chat! We will talk about your goals and the purpose behind why you want a boudoir photo shoot. A vision for your portraits and a parallel understanding of who you are as a woman will be discovered in order to connect you to your inner and outer beauty and strength.

Tell me your story!


Photo Session


Relax, this is the fun part! Your experience will begin with being pampered by our professional hair and makeup team while listening to your favorite music. We will chat about what makes you the beauty that you are. Wardrobe options and comfort level will be reviewed before starting the photo session, where I will guide you through everything. We will bring out the side of yourself that you wish to shine!




You will first see your gallery at your reveal / product collaboration appointment. We can customize product designs to find the right fit for you! You can add on a same day reveal to your experience, or you will revisit our office in person about a week from your session date. This will give you another exciting event to look forward to!

Want to learn more? Let's chat!

Jenna makes you feel instantly at home and relaxed, playing your favorite music in the background and pouring you a delicious mimosa. I never felt self-conscious or rushed during the shoot because she was the ultimate cheerleader behind the lens helping me pose and filling me up with unlimited positivity. The entire experience was perfect and I love my pictures more than I could possibly say. My boudoir photo shoots have been something I do purely for myself to celebrate the personal journey I've been on and both have been incredibly empowering experiences that I wouldn't trust with anyone except Jenna. So do yourself a favor and schedule one as soon as you can. You will not regret it! - Colleen


Why Boudoir?

Who are you when you're totally alone? What makes you feel happy and beautiful? Do you believe in your own beauty and strength? Do you love you?

Life, society, busy schedules, others' needs, outside opinions, challenges, and emotions can sometimes block us from allowing ourselves the time and care we deserve. Each woman should know and feel that she is unique, valuable, beautiful and strong. Sometimes we cannot believe in our own abilities or beauty until we see it for ourselves. I am motivated to be the one to make this happen! If I can help you feel more self-aware and confident in your most vulnerable state, imagine how you could carry that strength into your daily life.

Boudoir will empower you and reveal a side of yourself that you always wanted to express. It is my mission to help women feel, celebrate, and believe in their own beauty and abilities through my work.


Collections start at $2500. All collections include professional hair and makeup, and a private viewing and ordering session. Additional products on the A La Carte menu can be ordered as well with or without a package. The required booking fee is $400.


photo book box with (10) 5x7 matted prints
(10) digital files for selected prints
8x10 acrylic block [$800 value]
reveal / product collaboration &
design appointment


10 x 10 album, 30 images
(15) digital files
reveal / product collaboration & design appointment


5x5 album, 10 images
8x8 acrylic block (value $600)
reveal / product collaboration & design appointment

Ready to feel beautiful?

Keepsakes & Wall Art

Frequently Asked Questions


For starters, you! Every woman can benefit from a boudoir photo shoot. Boudoir is for those of all ages, backgrounds and body types. It is for the woman celebrating a life event or major milestone or for someone who overcame a challenge. It is for the woman who wants to feel more confident and view her own image as how she wants the world to see her. Boudoir is for the woman who wants to celebrate her own beauty, for the woman who battled cancer and wants to feel feminine again, for the bride-to-be, for the weight loss champ, for the mother in search of feeling more like herself. Boudoir photography is an art and a journey that opens our own eyes and heart to expose to ourselves just how amazing we are!

Sessions take place at my home studio and office located in Williamstown, NJ. A destination session off-site can be arranged as well at a hotel or possibly an Airbnb location. 

I do not time the session. I want my clients to feel un-rushed and at ease. The day is dedicated to you! As long as you are having fun, we will shoot until we get everything we possibly can. Hair and makeup will take about an hour to an hour and a half. The session itself is typically another hour and a half to two hours. 

If you opt to have your reveal and product appointment on the same day, after the session you will take an hour and a half lunch break. When you return, you will view your boudoir photos with a preliminary edit, and we will discuss your product design! From start to finish, if done in one day, you can expect the whole experience to be about 5-6 hours. 

Yes! The only way boudoir makes sense is for the portraits to live on tangible products. We offer a variety of albums, products and wall art for you to go back to whenever you want to be reminded of how gorgeous and strong you are. 

Wear a shirt that can be easily taken off without compromising the hair and makeup styles. An off-the-shoulder shirt with a wide neck or button-up top will work. If you forget this, it's no problem! I can provide a robe for you! Aside from that, bring any lingerie you feel amazing in, possibly a pair of high heels and any inclusions you feel support your session goals (wedding veil / dress, partner's shirt or hat, favorite sexy cozy sweater, etc.).

Removal of blemishes, bruises, and cuts are included in the editing process. Unless requested and discussed, I will not remove birth marks, beauty marks, stretch marks, surgery scars, or unfavored tattoos. I would never assume a client would want any of the above removed - they could be a part of the woman's story. I will also not thin out or visually decrease body parts or body weight. I will pose and light you in the most flattering way and photograph you with intention to highlight the parts of yourself that you love!

Yes! This is so fun to me to be able to pamper my clients. I hand-pick the artists for you based upon the look you want to have and your personality. Sit back and enjoy the glam treatment!

This is a super common question. I had the same thought when I had a boudoir session done. Please, do not worry! It is MY job, not yours, to guide you through a very fluid pattern of poses that all feel like typical movement. We laugh and talk during the session so a lot of true smiles and expressions are captured. They are gold! Believe it or not, no one is actually as awkward as they make themselves out to be in their mind! 

Your privacy, trust, and comfort is most important to me. You have an option to sign a full or limited release. You also have the option to not sign either and keep your images 100% private. All images you see on my website, Instagram, blog or advertisement material are from sessions where my client fully understood that the images would be used, and they were excited and proud to give consent!

Two of the three collection options do include a set number of digital files. You can also opt to purchase digital files individually, in groups of 10, or purchase the entire gallery digitally! 

I have a few pieces in the client closet that can be worn as accessories. All clients are responsible for providing their own lingerie pieces for both sanitary and confidence reasons. Everyone's style is different, and I want you to wear what you know you feel your best in!

Fill out your session questionnaire! This will help me get a strong sense of your reasons and goals for doing a boudoir session. Also, I will learn a bit about your inner strength that we will lean on while shooting. In addition, get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water leading up to your session. Keep your hands and feet manicured (no chipped polish), stretch the morning of your session, and avoid tight undergarments or clothes that will leave line impressions on your skin. Lastly, take a deep breath and tell yourself (in the mirror) that you are beautiful!

Yes! We can set up a payment plan if needed. All major credit cards are accepted. The session itself requires a $200 deposit to book. 

I can't wait to show you how beautiful you are! Fill out the contact form and we'll start with a consultation, then get your session date booked! At the time of booking, your own financial responsibility is the non-refundable booking fee of $400. You'll be on your way to falling in love with yourself and believing in your own beauty in no time. Let's do this! xo

Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment


Can't wait to see your images? You don't have to!

Your reveal and product collaboration appointment will take place at the same location of my home studio/office in Williamstown, NJ. We can hold this on the same day if your schedule allows, or we can pick a second date for your reveal and product collaboration appointment. You can choose to be a part of the product design included in your pre-selected collection, or we can discuss additional products to add to your art order if you wish.

Let's bring your session to life with tangible keepsakes!

Boudoir Gallery

I feel as though I owe the way I felt that day to Jenna. From start to finish she made me feel beautiful. She took the time to get to know what features I liked about myself and was sure to use them in her photos! At the end of the session she gave me a gift, a card and a bracelet that said, “Be you, love you, all ways, always.” Jenna has a special gift when it comes to photography. You can tell how much she loves her work in every picture. I can honestly say I had an amazing experience doing boudoir and most of it was from the way Jenna treated me during the shoot. Her words of encouragement and actions made the experience something I will never forget!
- Christina

The Boudoir Portrait Studio

The boudoir room has a mixed vibe of edgy, urban texture and feminine, Bohemian accents. The color pallet is mostly neutral with whitewashed brick and a grey textured, painted wall with medium brown wood floors. Most sessions take place with the soft mid-morning window light available for use, which compliments skin tones so nicely. The setups are modular to maximize usage of the space and create variety within one room!

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Jenna Lynn Photography is a Gloucester County, New Jersey based photographer, specializing in weddings, engagements and boudoir and serving all locations in the Tri-State area, including Philadelphia.

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