Jill & Nick / Cescaphe ballroom Wedding

Cescaphe Ballroom, Philadelphia PA | November 22, 2017

Our Monday-Friday grind can sometimes get us down….and sometimes it can be part of the best thing that could happen to you. A mortage company in Southern New Jersey brought these two souls together, and they knew that they would never be the same.

Because of past corporate work experiences, I also have met and connected with truly remarkable people including Jill! I have seen her put her heart and passion into the relationships that she maintains in her life, and I am honored to be part of that collection. I was beyond humbled when the girl that I sat next to for more than a year at work became a closer friend, and then asked me to be her wedding photographer!

The season to give Thanks in our lives comes with high anticipation as well as all things flannel, pumpkin flavored and warm fuzzy feelings. Stores begin to display their decor for the holidays at the end of Summer, and we start making family plans! The time of year is beautiful and Thanksgiving is such a special holiday – it made for the perfect time for Jill and Nick’s Fall Wedding to be held the day before Thanksgiving. Traditionally, in our society Thanksgiving is marked as the biggest party night of the year. On November 22, 2017 the biggest party was held at the elegant Cescaphe Ballroom in Philadelphia, PA.

Jill and her bride tribe were getting their hair and make-up done when I arrived to begin the day. Everyone was cheerful and full of excitement. I began to photograph Jill’s details which she spent careful time planning. Her ruby red heels matched her rose bouquet and her jewelry was as bright as her eyes. A few sips of Champagne, laughs with her girls and one thoughtful gift from her groom did the trick to start the day off just right. After Jill’s matron of honor and best friend Michelle got her into her rhinestone studded gown (with surprise Cap sleeves added for her mother), Jill had a reveal with her parents and bridesmaids!

Nick and the guys enjoyed the morning before the wedding with food, drink and video games. Nick was happy to receive a thoughtful gift from Jill. I love the tradition of writing a note and giving a gift before seeing one another at the ceremony or First Look. It is a reminder that your loved one is always thinking of you, and what makes you smile! In Jill’s case it was a Louis Vuitton purse and for Nick, a golf club! 

Jill and Nick said I Do at the beautiful Church of the Incarnation in Mantua, NJ. During a ceremony, I always remember how I felt when my husband and I got married. Aside from that walk down the aisle, you want to make sure you soak it all in, and don’t miss one of those important cues from the officiant. It is easy to gain tunnel vision or feel like you were having an out of body experience. Capturing all the in-between moments during a ceremony like Jill’s parents watching her say her vowels or kids being silly are as important to me as the “first kiss” shot. What remains in my memory most from a ceremony are the expressions on the bride and groom’s faces when the ceremony ends. It is when they realize that they are married and get to take that walk together for the first time as husband and wife. It is the best because it is so pure! 

Jill and Nick planned for their bridal party to visit a few iconic Philadelphia locations. For photos of the bridesmaids, groomsmen and for the Bride and Groom portraits, we visited the Merchant’s Exchange building, First Bank, and Franklin Square. Naturally, our time for daylight was limited in late November so we decided to have some fun at Franklin Square in the dark on the Carousal ride! Everyone was laughing and having a great time – and the real party hadn’t begun yet.

If you haven’t been to a Cescaphe venue or Wedding, you need to go crash one of their weddings to see how it is done. Cescaphe has several Philadelphia venue locations and really provide great service to their couples. They host monthly “Cescaphe University” events which are like their own bridal show or workshop events for their clients. They want their clients to learn about their business, and to see what they do to make the wedding day so special. I first heard of Cescaphe through Jill as she was once an employee. When we were co-workers she wasn’t engaged at the time but told me without a doubt, she knew that she HAD to have her wedding reception at the modern, elegant and luxurous wedding venue: Cescaphe Ballroom in Northern Liberties Philadelphia. When a woman knows what she wants, she makes it happen! It was by far the right decision for Jill and Nick. Everyone couldn’t get over how their wedding cake was suspended from a ceiling chandelier! The dance floor was busy all night and it was by far, the largest party night of the year for the new Mr. and Mrs. Lentine!

Hair – Kelly Leise and Amy Marengo Santiago The Little Touches

Make up – Kristine Blesi The Little Touches

Bridal Gown and Bridesmaid dresses – The Bridal Garden

Tuxes – Chadmoore

DJ- Johnny Looch

Florist – Frannie Erace

Venue – Cescaphe Ballroom

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