Mandi & Ryan / The Grove at Centerton Wedding

Mandi & Ryan | The Grove at Centerton
Pittsgrove Township, NJ

Their story is one that will be told for generations to come. One day when we’ll have to explain to our grandchildren what email was, Mandi and Ryan will be remembering back on the start of their beautiful relationship. It did in-fact, all start with an email Ryan sent to Mandi a few days after they met in 2014!

Five years later, these two decided to start living the remainder of their days together as Husband and Wife. They planned a gorgeous, elegant wedding with touches of modern earthy decor. Their ceremony and reception were held at The Grove at Centerton in Pittsgrove Township, NJ. This venue is so welcoming and memorable. The tree-lined landscape that leads to the golf course, and the capacity to hold hundreds of guests to help celebrate on the dance floor make this South NJ wedding venue stand out!

From first meeting these two at their engagement session at Croft Farm in Cherry Hill, I could feel their effortless chemistry. Its easy to recognize when two souls are so connected, as if they’ve lived a thousand past lives together! That is how it feels to watch Mandi and Ryan together.

After spending the morning getting ready with their bridal parties, both Mandi and Ryan took a few moments to read letters they wrote one another. This always sets the emotional tone before the First look regardless if that is as a few private moments together before the day truly begins, or as the bride walks the aisle toward her groom. This particular first look was certainly not lacking any emotion! By far it was the most touching groom’s reaction to his bride I’ve ever seen! Ryan was so taken back he was actually speechless. He tried to talk and then was taken back again by her! Mandi sweetly wiped the tears from his eyes, they embraced then high-fived! Once we started portraits, that effortless connection shone through again, and my job was made to be so easy!

June 29th, 2019 was a very hot day. We managed to maximize our time at the grounds at The Grove for portraits of family, their amazing bridal party and had time for just Mandi and Ryan. Once it was time for their ceremony, it was all air conditioning and happy smiles!

After everyone listened to their exchange of vows and saw them celebrate with the first kiss, the night was full of non-stop celebration from then on! Mandi and Ryan shared a romantic first dance, and started the party right away. Within an instant, their guests were on the dance floor and surrounded them with love and excitement! The happy vibe lasted all night and it was so rewarding to capture these two living their best married life from day one! <3


Dress: Bridals by Cyndi

Bridesmaid Dress: Jay West

Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding invitations: Shutterfly

Florist: Thistle and Sage floral designs 

Video: Mondo 


Hair : Maureen Eisenhart  

Makeup: Ashley Bohl 

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