Kristen & Bradley / Curtis Arboretum Wedding

Kristen & Bradley | Curtis Arboretum Wedding
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

I remember first speaking with Kristen and Brad over the phone, and feeling like I was talking with two people I’ve been great friends with for years. I didn’t just connect with Kristen over our mutual obsession for Rose Gold & Shiplap or my common background in Mortage work with Brad. They just simply have this way about them that draws you in. Every time I have the pleasure of seeing them, it feels so natural and true. No wonder their love works so well – if they can make other people feel so happy by being around them, just imagine how strong their connection is. That is what makes their marriage beautiful.

Brad seemed to have summarized what makes any relationship successful in his vows to Kristen. He said, “You love me without judgement and choose to see the beauty in my flaws”.

Wow. Re-read that if you have to.

Making the choice to not judge someone and making the choice to see the beauty in them is a testament to truth in love. It isn’t always easy, but it is what bonds us in marriage for years to come. At a ceremony, I once heard a priest say that marriage is choosing to love this person each day with as much certainty as you choose them to spend the rest of your days with. That always stuck with me, and anyone can see clearly how Kristen and Brad choose one another over and over again. It is a beautiful thing to witness.

I was honored to photograph this day, the second wedding at the magnificent Curtis Arboretum. The popularity of this location for engaged couples has completely advanced recently! A historical location with over 45 acres of landscape host a garden and arbor along with a ballroom that once was a part of the Curtis family mansion. The ceremony was held outdoors, and guests enjoyed dinner on their stone patio. Everything was designed perfectly for Kristen’s vision with such attention to detail. This wedding was elegant, Bohemian (the bride even got married barefoot!), and full of energy and emotion. The location supported their love for nature, texture, greenery and history. After making their entrance as husband and wife to “White Wedding” guests celebrated the newlyweds by dancing all night. Everyone was shocked when the reception end had come, and it was time to send Kristen and Brad off to Greece for their honeymoon via one crazy Sparkler sendoff!

Thank you Kristen and Brad for having me be a part of this day in your story together. xoxo

( …and now we anxiously await the arrival of their baby girl!!!)

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Prim & Perverse – Seamstress
Gina Ritacco – Makeup
Desideria Collection – Rings
Jennifer Designs – Florist
Minted – Invitations
Lovely Bride – Bridal Dress Store
Center Stage Entertainment – DJ
Innovation Weddings – Videographer
Tiffanie Verrecchia & Ashley Fiorentino – Hairstylists
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