Valeria & Mike / The Reception Center

Valeria & Mike | The Reception Center

Matawan, NJ

On my birthday, my phone was going off every few minutes to let me know that someone wished me a great day on Facebook or through a text, which is always humbling. I also was expecting a call from my realtor and a doctor. I heard my ringtone and answered without even looking to see who was calling or if I had known the number. I never would have thought that the person calling would have totally made my day with reasons unrelated to it being my birthday, but she did!

Valeria had found me on Instagram @JennaLynnPhoto and when she called me, she seemed so excited over my photography that it made me smile one of those goofy, love-struck teenager blushing smiles. As all small business owners in a creative industry do – I work very hard and take pride in my sacrifices to work in a field that makes me happy. It is a crazy feeling when someone is excited over something you’ve worked hard at. Work and happiness can co-exist and people like Valeria and Mike make that possible for people like me. I couldn’t be more thankful. Valeria had told me that she saw my work and had to have me as her photographer, with zero doubt. I was completely honored and wanted to reach through the phone to give her a big hug!

Knowing that Valeria designs planners @the_floral_planner, and that I STILL use physical book planners – we would get along like old friends. I also knew that her attention to detail would prove itself throughout her wedding style and it really did, especially in her gorgeous warm toned bouquet which had a photo of Valeria’s late father attached, and her delicate lace dress with an aged champagne tone in the material. 

There is some distance between where we are located, so I only had the opportunity to speak with Valeria and Mike over the phone. Meeting them in person for the first time on the actual wedding day was unusual for me, but it also felt like meeting an old penpal! Their late March wedding day had a little bit of snow on the ground, and a lot of laugher in the air.

Valeria and Mike both got ready at their hotel in separate areas before heading to their venue for their first look. She was so nervous and ready to just see her husband to be! The butterflies went away once they were able to hold one another. I loved watching the way Mike looked at Valeria, and how he made her laugh. Their ceremony and reception were held at The Reception Center in Matawan NJ. The venue hosted their all-night celebration with plenty of dancing and love to go around! I am honored to have been the photographer to capture their honest and pure admiration for each other on their special day.

Since their wedding, Valeria and Mike have welcomed their precious daughter into the world!

Florist – @desireedeandesigns
Make up – @sophisticated_beauty916
Hair – @beyoutiful_bride

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