Tara & Pete / Brigalias Wedding

When first speaking with Tara and Pete, I asked how the two of them met. I always enjoy listening to what brought love into people’s lives. In their case, it was a bowling party! I instantly felt how much these two meant to one another, and how much they wanted their wedding, held at Brigalias in Sicklerville, New Jersey to be the greatest celebration for their love and joining families. 

I began the day with Tara while she was being pampered with getting her hair and make-up done. Her bridesmaids were keeping her calm and laughing. I made sure to capture all of her well-planned details, and before we knew it, it was time to get the bride dressed!

My second shooter, James was hanging out with the guys to document Pete’s support system pumping him up for the “I do”s. Tara’s son, Mark joined the men and knew soon he would be sharing a very special moment with his mom.

Tara wanted Mark to see her separately before the ceremony. We asked Mark to wait in a beautiful spot on the grounds of Brigalias, and sent Tara to see her son. Teen boys don’t show emotion too often, but this private First Look was not the time that Mark was going to hold back. He was so overcome with emotions when he saw his mom looking so beautiful in her bridal gown, and glowing with happiness!

Tara and Pete’s Ceremony was held in the elegant chapel at Brigalias. Leading up to this part of the day, Tara was pretty anxious, understandably so! After over a year of counting down to this day, Tara walked toward her soon to be Husband. Nothing calmed her nerves like finally seeing Pete – other than catching a glimpse of her wedding cake and being so thrilled that it was “perfect” which made her realize that this day is really happening and it was happening NOW!

Tara and Pete’s ceremony was very family oriented. Tara’s brother walked her down the aisle, they were married by a family member, and they opted to include a sand blending ceremony to symbolize Pete, Tara and her children becoming one family. Emotions ran high, and a dancing ring bearer served as comic relief! 

After a heartfelt exchange of lifelong promises, the pair had some fun with posing for their wedding photos now as husband and wife! Their energetic bridal party also joined in, and then we were all off to the reception! As Tara and Pete were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Weiss for the first time, they entered their Brigalias ballroom from the grand staircase. They then enjoyed their first dance together, along with their children. The night had endless laughter and dancing. It also included a very hilarious situation where an aunt and nephew each caught the bouquet and garter. That could potentially get pretty awkward however the roles were reversed and everyone was out of breath from laughing!

Thank you Tara and Pete for trusting me with your most special day. It was an honor to watch your engagement journey together, and to be a part of the start to your marriage! 

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