Lake Tahoe & Napa Valley Maternity Session

Krissy & Doug + Bump
April 28 – May 2, 2017

People come in, and go out of our lives so often and for so many reasons. Sometimes we never know the reasons, and other times the importance of someone’s presence in your life is evident and remarkable. When I was sixteen years old, walking into my big-girl high school job for the first time I met someone that would become a fused part of my soul forever. I met Krissy!

On our first day of working together, I would have never guessed that this girl would be one of my closest friends for life and my son’s Godmother. Our friendship is made up of the kind of connection that everyone hopes to find in at least one person in their lives, and I am forever grateful for her and her hubby Doug. Living on opposite sides of the country could never change how important they are to me.

This girl is the epitome of energy and adventure. She is always on the go, loves trying new things and is surrounded by friends in any of the three states she has lived in! Krissy and Doug are now in the midst of their greatest adventure ever, being parents! Krissy and Doug brought their perfect little man, Liam James home the other day and after a long 41 weeks now get to fall in love with him every time they look at him!

Before Liam’s big arrival, Krissy’s adventurous and limitless spirit rubbed off onto me as I flew across the country to Reno, Nevada (I had never been out West before!) to document this important time for her and Doug. I was so honored to photograph Krissy and Doug’s TWO day maternity session! This trip taught me a great deal about just trusting your instincts and putting yourself into exciting situations. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Day 1 | Lake Tahoe

We were up early and shooting by 8am at the majestic Sand Harbor Lake in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We actually visited this location both with the early morning light, and golden sunset. When we first arrived, my mind was focused on all aspects of shooting and ideas were bouncing around my head that I just wanted to get started! Even though I was SURROUNDED by crisp, blue, peaceful landscape, I had to force myself to stop and take in the scene. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I was thankful to be there. I was thankful to capture this experience for my friends. To me, that is what photography is all about! 

Climate Confusion

To someone who has never been out west, being warm around tropical-like water in the sunshine, yet seeing snow can really throw off your understanding of seasons and temperature. How odd and so gorgeous this mixed landscape was! After we explored Lake Tahoe, we took a drive and spotted an open area of land with the most amazing mountainous view! Perfect peaks and valleys covered land as far as the eye could see. It was breathtaking and the perfect setting to go along with Krissy’s elegance as a mommy to be!

Day 2 | Napa Valley

A four hour drive from Reno to Napa was completely worth it. Naturally, while driving with a pregnant lady you’re going to make a few pitstops, but the ride was half the fun! What an amazing experience it was to see rolling hills of gorgeous vineyards as we drove around to find the right spot during the golden hour of California. What I love most about Day 2 is how different the images are from Day 1 at Lake Tahoe.

Krissy made it through her pregnancy with such beauty and grace. Liam is one lucky little guy to have such a gorgeous and warm soul for a mother. I am so happy I could capture the love these two parents have for their son, way before even meeting him! Congratulations to two of my greatest friends, and thank you again for inviting Mike and I to be a part of this experience!

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